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My 27th cosplay character. This is my most favourite/difficult costume I've made. It took me about four months (I'm counting breaks) to finish this :) Lucifer was my favourite manga char. so I had to make him <3

About making:
♢ The hardest part in making this were both pairs of wings. Both have wing span about 4 meters and are whole made from light plastic sheets (base) and paper (feathers). Thus are pretty heavy and I wear them as backpack with two straps coming through four holes in the back.
♢ Hand spear is made from plastic sheets as well with addition of self-made belts that hold whole thing on my hand.
♢ Rest of the costume is pretty much similar to my previous Luka costume but this time with fur collar around the neck.
Created in 2013

Artwork/masked version created in 2018; includes a mechanical wing and completely new costume with battery-mask.

About making the 'masked' version:
First of all my goal was to make him even more manga accurate than the previous version so the first thing I did was change material for the costume itself; from leather to black vinyl. 7 meters of vinyl to be precise :D The thing about vinyl fabric is it looks pretty cool and it's super shiny&hot but it's also so awful to sew I almost gave up halfway through the making. At the end my fingers bleeded so hard :'DDDD The cape is my favorite part of the costume as it covers most of my badly made costume underneath. I made it from thick taffeta fabric and lined with black feather boa *w*
The mask: was definitely the hardest part to make. I tried everything and failed until I decided to simply alter gas mask I took from the first aid kit. And the best thing: it's fully functional :D
The wing and hand spear are pretty much done in the same way I do majority of my props: cardboard covered in the craft foam and finally painted in black.

Overall this is one of my favorite costumes, very cool and creepy though I don't wear it so often as I'm *literally* boiling alive while wearing it especially in summer ._."

edit: 22.4 2019 on Easter Monday I & my friends had our first group Angel Sanctuary photoshoot. Alexiel was cosplayed by KiuBe and Rosiel by Lady Lunaria. We hope to have more AS photoshoots in the future.


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Series Angel Sanctuary
Character Lucifer
Variant Black version - Demon Lord


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