Peter Pan

Peter Pan



To debut Mickey's Halloween Party 2014 :)

[x]Tunic: Medium green Super Suede fully lined with cotton. Leather cording was hand-stitched. Sleeves are made with polyester cotton in olive green, and the collar is made with a kelly green polyester blend that has a gorgeous leafy texture.

[x]Leaves: A combination of silk leaves and vintage velvet.

[]Shorts: Matching olive green polyester cotton.

[]Hat: matching suede and cotton with a red turkey feather and lacing. To be fully lined with a medium weight cotton and the brim will include heavy craft interfacing.

[]Belt: To be made with a chocolate brown suede left over from my Boushh cummerbund. To be fully interfaced for shape, and will have leather lacing.

[]Dagger: working with my Dad on this small project :)

[x]Ears: small halfling ears from Aradani studios.

[x]Wig: Commissioned by Little Penny Lane on etsy.

[x]Tights: Ordered from Sock Dreams.

[x] Shoes: huzzah for re-purposing! These are actually my Astrid boot base shoes, and the design and color is perfect for this version of Peter :)


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Series Peter Pan
Character Peter Pan
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