Ryuko Matoi

Kill la Kill



I wasn't able to take pictures at my originally planned photoshoot location so I just ended up
taking pictures at whatever locations were empty :/

Scissorblade: Made with foam board,wood glue,nails (To attach the handle piece to the blade piece) and
spray paint.

Jacket: Bought a normal varsity jacket online and made the alterations. The white
pattern is done with felt.

Skirt: Sewed.

Wig: All the Ryuko wigs for sale online were dark blue but I wanted to go with black so I had to buy a
black wig and red strand separately.

Edit: The skirt has been fixed to fit better.


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Series Kill la Kill
Character Ryuko Matoi
Variant Street Clothes


AlaizabelCray I'm SO excited to finally see this! Your Ryuko is AMAZING! :D

FieryFari Thanks for having faith in me XD

LinkPwnsGanon This will look killer awesome when it's done! :D