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Since I have finally sold my old Ariel fin, I figured it was about that time that I worked on a new one. The one I used had become quite worn out since I had worn it to pretty much every con that I've been to and it desperately needed an upgrade.

I've been playing around with trying to make my new one a swimming tail and I think I may have cracked the secret. Of course I took a lot of inspiration from a lot of fellow mermaids out there and just smashing all together into something I find aesthetically pleasing :3

The tail is mostly made out of neoprene, however the neoprene I bought originally was dark purple. So I played around with some painting techniques and came up with something that was both pretty as well as harkening back to the true spirit of the film. I did my best to research the colors used in the animated film but since I couldn't find an exact color swatch from the Disney paint lab, I mixed a myriad of color schemes and kind of made my own thing with it. While the paint was still wet I dusted the entire tail with 2 different types glitter: A thin mint green glitter and a chunkier blue/ green glitter (ironically with the name "Mermaid." Go figure). I also added a few rhinestones on the fin to give the appearance of water droplets

The bottom fin is it's own separate piece that's also made from neoprene which has been painted and sequined. I tried to go for an ombre color scheme for the fluke so I had to go back and paint over the glitter and add more to give it a bit more color. The sequins are aqua and they take on the color underneath the tail very well.

It was built over a Mahina Merfin that I got for Christmas :)

The waist fin is it's own separate piece. It's attached to the tail with industrial strength velcro plus it is decked out with pearls beads and wired to hold the shape


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