Sephiroth - Advent Children

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children



Made from scratch with Pleather. And open seam was created in back for the wing and wing harness. Hooks and eyes were placed a long the seam so it can be closed around the wing or completely is the wing is not present. Straps for the buckles were made from real leather.


Made from craft foam shaped using a stove top burner, and glued together with hot glue and super glue. Armor was coated with five coats of Kilz 2 latex primer, Rustoleum aluminum spray paint and a top coat of liquitex varnish, two coats of glossy and one coat matte. The "holes" on the armor were created using washers, and the lining along the sides of the armor was foam tape.

Were created by hand using window paneling, a wooden dowel and nails. Latex primer, and the same spray paint and varnish as the armor were used.

Made from scratch using apolstry Pleather. Symbol on the front was created from craft foam glued on with E-6000 adhesive.

Made by me using an aluminum rod running from tip to hilt as the core. Camping mat foam and spray foam were used around the core for the blade. The hilt is PVC piping and blue electrical tape.

Other clothing and accessories:
Boots and wig were purchased on eBay. Pants, gloves and tube top were purchased at various consigment stores.

Created by a friend on commission.


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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Sephiroth - Advent Children


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