Toph Bei Fong

Avatar: The Last Airbender



Roughly around the same time that I started work on Toph's EK outfit, I began planning her FN variant.
The top and pants are made from fabric found at a thrift store. It's a little lightweight for the pants but perfect for the top. The top is a simple tube top with an elastic casing on the top edge. I may add a strip of fabric to the bottom of the pants to give them a little flare.
The shoulder straps were made from homespun cotton in a deep rust color with bias tape sewn on for the yellow stripes. For the crest/button thing on the back, I salvaged an oversized button from an old coat and painted the Fire Nation insignia on it. It took several attempts since my painting skills are non-existant.
The wrist cuffs were made from scraps leftover from the top and flaps and bias tape. I'd like to think makeshiftwings for the wonderful tutorial she posted. It was a great basis when I was making my own cuffs.
I still haven't gotten around to the shoes, but I imagine those are going to be a headache and a half.


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Series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character Toph Bei Fong
Variant Fire Nation outfit


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