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MEDIC!!! One of my #1 played characters from TF2! I wanted to cosplay Medic for a ton of reasons. One, I absolutely adore the medigun and I wanted to have my hand at making one. Two, I play him in the game anyway so I knew most of his taunts and movements. And three, he's German and I love German characters! =D After all, Medic is a sadistic ex-Nazi who chops people up.... FOR SCIENCE!!! I also picked Blu because, simply put it, the Blu team is not cosplayed as often as the Red team. ValvE glorifies the Red team constantly and a lot of pople prefer to play Red team. WELL NOT ME!! My motto is 'When you're Red, you're DEAD!'

The easiest thing about this cosplay was the clothes. I got them done in about a week including the patches that I made. I also had to make the gloves because I spent weeks looking for some damn blue rubber gloves and I couldn't find ANY, AT ALL, NOT EVEN ONLINE. &gt;.< You failed me interwebs!

The wig was styled by myself as well. It wasn't that hard to style. I used two cans of spray in gray/silver dye in the back because he is a graying man. The reason I used two was that I would spray it in and them wipe it off to get a gradient effect. It certainly works and looks awesome. With the curl in the front, all I had to do was grab the bangs and curl it and freeze spray it. Perfect!

The bone saw is made out of cardboard. Made it in about a week aswell. The best part of it is the blood splatter. I got a bit carried away so on one side, you can see fingerprints dragging down the blade, as if someone tried to grab it as they were being sawed in half.

The medigun is a composite of materials. Most of the medigun is made out of careboard, cut and sized to myself. I wanted it to be a bit bigger than in the game because it would be a whole lot easier to carry. The things on the top are Pepsi cans, and the tank on the side is a Smart Water bottle. It HAD to be Smart Water because of the bottom. The gun itself is made out of a foam block and cardboard. It is a bit crooked, but I'm actually okay with that. The gun is connected to the pack by a vaccume tube and the pack is strapped on by suspenders.


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