Lacus Clyne

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED



so this isn't much different from my last Lacus Cosplay. I just added a cloak but I felt it needed to it's own costume^^. The cloak is made from Kona cotton with lilac satin blanket binding.

Haha! Finished just in time for the Summer Love 2011 photo shoot next week (Weather permitting T_T)

Edit: August 2013. I finally have a wig. I've been cosplaying Lacus since the begining, that's 7 years and I've only just gotten a wig. And it's such a hassle! I look more like Lacus that thing tangles like no more tomorrow.


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Series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
Character Lacus Clyne
Variant refugee


AngelStarAvalon You're welcome and thank you for the comment

Zone Thank your for your comment :3. I've to say that you make a great Lacus ^^

xSpringSmiles Youuu are gorgeous. ;w; This whole outfit is beautiful, I just love the cloak ~