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Latias has been my favorite pokemon ever since I saw Pokemon Heroes as a young teenager. It's been my dream to cosplay her ever since I first learned about gijinkas so when I found I had the perfect fabric for a cosplay just laying around at home I quickly decided to actualize my dream.

The design is 100% my own. I wanted something that was powerful yet demure and brought out most of the character of Latias. I'll go into detail about the design more after I post pictures once it's done.

Cotton is the base material for this cosplay. The red is from a bed skirt I had at home that was intended for a Civil War petticoat that never worked out, and the white and blue is left over from my ARIA cosplay. I used heat 'n bond for the blue triangle which I folded into place and zigzagged it to the bodice. The armbands are made from cotton fabric reinforced with craft foam to give it the desired depth. I also used craft foam to get the raised effect on the bodice. The helmet is made from left over craft foam, paint, and a random headband I found. The shoes were a pair that I found and painted the right color. I then added the wing detail to the back of the shoes with painted craft foam. The hair is my own as I could not afford a wig on such short notice. All the patterns were hand drafted though I did use a rough base for the shirt. This is my first time drafting formfitting clothing as well as wing type designs.


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VioletCobra That's so cute. I like what you did with Latias' triangle.

TheFelineLife Not bad! I like Latias too but I'm more of a Latios person. I really like the shirt and the skirt. The skirt ruffles are awesome!