MissLunatic as Gokudera Hayato

Gokudera Hayato



Cosplayer: MissLunatic
“We're the Vongola. You have a problem with that?” *glares*
Gokudera Hayato, self-proclaimed right-hand-man-to-be of the Tenth Vongola boss (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Chapter 50 page 8)

My first foolish announcement some time ago: Hey, I could improvise Gokudera’s ringbattle version for Animuc 11! :)

Sure…^^’’ In the end I was quite busy making about 24 bombs… not to mention 8 of these were rocket bombs which took some extra effort … and sewing the dynamite holders and some of the belts became a real last minute challenge xD… It really felt like dynamite maintenance here xD.

But I really had to do Gokudera’s ringbattle version :) I just love this battle of the geniuses *-* and Gokudera’s character development which is shown in it’s course ^^. He really surpassed his self not only regarding tactics but also regarding his personality ^-^.
And well, the clothes or rather the little bit he wears are cool as well xD. One of my two favourite versions in fact. ;) And again a ton of accessories xD. It was also funny to be bound openly *g*. Although the bandages slipped as hell…

This cosplay really seems to be cursed xD.
1. Belphegor, Belphegor of all ppl!, snatched away the only normal storm ring that was for sale at the con -.-’’ for which I had already been looking for month… and it would have fit my finger perfectly … *sigh* But in the end I will get one!

2. I took quite some injuries like the original when I tumbled twice. xD The first time I was chasing the yakyu-baka who had run away with my bombs just that when I nearly had caught up, the girl suddenly zigzagged, I wasn’t able to stop anymore and found myself on the gravel path not a second later. The second time I was battling Hibari. Just that it wasn’t Hibari who threw me to the ground but the dust bin that suddenly was behind me xD….
But well, just cause of this I found a piano at the con when I was searching fort he medical room xD and was able to try to play Juudaime’s theme :) and the day after I even got a signed band-aid from juudaime *-*
So it was a very weird and great first experience xD. Funny also that I got more pictures in my school uniform again than in both new cosplays I also wore at Animuc 11 xD.