Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep



I need to stop making crack cosplays simply because I can |D This is I think the 4th or so?

I saw Circe's (DA) drawings of Ven, Terra and Aqua in other worlds and found them adorable. I needed another, fairly clothed, cosplay for Sac and since my Aqua cosplay was not so good I tore it to pieces and reassembled it into this monster inspired by it ♥ The blue skirt, shorts and red straps are the only things from the original outfit.

I also suprised my Terra with a pair of bunny ears for photos xDD He was nice enough to actually wear them a couple times, I owe him i think lol. I really wish we had a Ven. >3>


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Series Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Character Aqua
Variant Alice in Wonderland Original


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