Teisel Bonne

Mega Man Legends

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A work in progress, hopefully done for a-kon 22. A lot of fond memories attached to Megaman Legends, and since I hate working with cloth.. Teisel was a perfect fit for me to work on, and a learning challenge. It would be done by now if it weren't literally being made of bits and bobs as I can't afford anything like wondeflex in this mass for now. Though, I'm good at making something at out of nothing, even if it gives me the occasional anger fits. It'll obviously be worn by my husband, it's fit to a T for his body, though I may have Tron to go with him, depending on my time.


@Ragtime Mouth
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Series Mega Man Legends
Character Teisel Bonne


Hopie Hooray! So can't wait to see this in person, as we'll be at Akon 22 as well! :) I wish I had time to fix up my Roll to bring! X3

score Yay! Megaman legends is the best ad Teisel is so cool! I'll be making one myself coming up here. Looking great!