creativecrater as Eruka Frog

Eruka Frog

Soul Eater

Cosplayer: creativecrater
I've always loved Eruka's design. Yes, she's a whiny, poor, weak little witch, but after I get attached to a character, I really start to love them. And Eruka is my favorite character from Soul Eater (and that's saying something, since so many are freakin great)!


Bought the white Go-Go Boots from Party City around halloween time for $40. Wig from ArdaWigs during a sale for $35 so about $40 after shipping. Minor styling needed (bangs, shortened length).

I'm making the dress from scratch from black cotton I got for free from a friend of a friend whom I helped move. I used Simplicity 3673 retro 1950's jumper dress as my base pattern. When that is done, i plan to use iron-on transfer in white for the polka dots or use fabric glue and cut out dots from white cotton and use a rotary cutter for perfect circles. I also want to buy/make a petticoat for the skirt's volume, as I've seen cosplayers sew in a wire or hula-hula hoop and I think it looks hokey. And thrifted and bought the long sleeve gray shirt.

I'll be attempting to craft her hat myself. I found a vivi hat tutorial on DA that I'm loosely following. But this step is after basically everything else is finished. 06-02-12: SCRATCH THAT i'm buying the plush hat. I had such a hard time and I am totally dissatisfied with the results so I'm buying one for now.

If I have time, I'll make her suitcase and possibly the giant syringe. <3 So looking forward to wearing this outfit many times.

Now worn: AX 2012, Riverside Lunar Fest 2014