Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu



I like to challenge myself.

Edit 5/10/12:
I've been pleating for almost two weeks in between school; I've gotten up to half of row 4 done.

Edit 7/6/12:
Finished! Gah.

Bodice: fully boned and finished with elastic cording. Hand-beaded.

Tutu: aaaaaaaall 9 rows were double hand-pleated. A pain in the butt to attach to the panty. And really scratchy...

Headpiece: pinned to a wig head for shape, then hand-sewn together. Tiara was hand-wired with Swarovski rhinestones. I added the blue to tie it in to the bodice.

Shoes: A work in progress, because my real shoes aren't white enough and the other ones were badly painted.

Feathers. Feathers everywhere.

Edit 7/29/12:
I think I'm done playing with this. My shoes are aaaaalmost white. I didn't want completely white shoes because they're already getting really stiff and uncomfortable since I'ved dyed over them so many times, plus they're pretty dirty since I've worn them out three times. I re-feathered my bodice for Otakon, and moved the applique up because I didn't like where it was after I removed the giant overpowering feathers and replaced them with more tame feathers that traced the shape of the bodice.


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Series Princess Tutu
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alpha_helix Where can I find ref pics of this version? I love it, and I've seen one or two other cosplayers make it, but no dice finding refs :<

Stormtiger Very pretty, you did an amazing job.

1MangaFan Oh! I saw this at Ax! Your cosplay is stunning.

Justke You were such a beautiful Princess Tutu/Ahiru ;w; &#9829; &#9829; &#9829; &#9829; &#9829; &#9829; Your costume is gorgeouuuussss in person!! Can't wait to see more photos :D