Maya Natsume

Tenjho Tenge



I had no plans to attend a con this year but opportunity knocked and ACEN was the next thing with less than 30 days away. A brother figure decides to sponsor my trip and asked me if I'd like to cosplay something since I enjoyed it. I said there wasn't enough time and I wanted to minimize costs. I had the white wig from when I cosplayed moppet and I looked up all white haired characters. I ran into Maya, who wasn't quite white haired, and not quite lavender. I was really interested from reading a synopsis so I swallowed down 23 episodes of a 26 part anime. I absolutely fell in love with her. She's truly wicked.. like.. Ah, I don't want to say too much and spoil it. Let's just say she's strong.

I did a variation manga version on Friday. Black sleeveless turtleneck, arm warmers, simple reiki blade which was in an affect my greatest joy. I was also stopped a lot and asked about how I styled my hair and I have to say I used my own method. Following common internet tutorials left one of the antennas full of gunk, which is why a cream colored ribbon runs along the base to mid-way of both antennas. Otherwise, it can stand on its own without the ribbon and still retails the bounce of regular hair without it being full of stiff products.


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Series Tenjho Tenge
Character Maya Natsume
Variant Manga Mix


akiba64 The love of your character definitely shows through in your cosplay. Great job!