Terry Bogard

Fatal Fury: King of Fighters



My second ever cosplay. This one was a little more involved as the only item I had was the pair of jeans. The costume cost was around $300-$350, but it was well worth it when I got a lot of recognitions.

The only thing I didn't like was the wig. It kept sliding off and exposing the wig cap, while the ponytail kept unraveling.

Update April 15, 2012: I'm thinking of re-visiting this costume. I want to work out my issues with the wig, and add his trademark star to the back of the vest, which I never got around to doing.

Update April 20, 2012: Completed painting his trademark star on his vest


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Series Fatal Fury: King of Fighters
Character Terry Bogard


KitoCosplay Looks good. Give my regards to Andy and Mai!