On so many levels, this was soooooooooo much fun. My friend feline-soul and I decided to go as Taemin and Jonghyun of the Korean Band SHINee for Otakon one day this year. Essentially, we saw their music video for their song Lucifer and fell in love with it. So that's how this outfit came to be. To see the MV you can follow the link here:

I ended up making the pants, skirt, and jacket (is that what you'd call it? XD ), the jacket being the hardest since I could only use the basics for a pattern and then make it all on my own from there. Except for the back white section, the entire jacket was made out of pleather, probably one of the most difficult materials I've had to work with. Everything else was made out of mostly normal fabrics.

The Bracelet was also made by me (I hammed in the studs out in my garage). I ordered one of Jonghyun's earrings as well as small kneepads to complete the outfit (I only wore one kneepad as that's all he wears in his outfit). My friend Kristen was kind enough to style the wig for me (I'm no good at braids XD). If anyone's interested, her website is here: Thank you Kristen! ^_^

I never would have thought how fun that would be. We had a blast, despite the heat and we did end up learning a part of their dance, which was great fun too. I think the one thing I did wrong at Otakon was not get pictures of like... anything that I wore though. XD So I will try to correct that and get some photos of this up here soon... :)


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Variant Lucifer MV (Korean Version) - Black Outfit


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