Mitsuki Kouyama 'WeddingDress'

Full Moon o Sagashite



Yet another Full Moon wo Sagashite artbook image of Mitsuki Kouyama! I love this image, the dress and flower crown look so ethereal.

I made this costume fairly quickly (20 hours about) I didn't even need to make a pattern - I just started cutting material. Since it was so close to Otakon 2010 when I was working on it I didn't bother with any fancy seam finishing, It's just over-locked on the inside.

I dyed the bottom of the dress with iridescent pink fabric paint, that has a nice simmer effect but turned out a little splotchy for my liking.
The hem has 3 inch horse hair in it for shape. The flowers on the flower crown were all originally white and I dyed them with the same iridescent pink to match the dress. The gloves were tea stained to match the off-white of the dress.

For Katsu 2012 I ordered a fresh flower bouquet to be delivered to the hotel to shoot with :3

For make up( I am obsessed), my lips are a custom blend of Nars red 'Man Hun' and Make Up forever color 40, a Bright orange, with a lot of gloss on top.
And I'm wearing Essie Fall 2011 collection 'In stitches'. Thank you Erica for helping me apply false eyelashes for the first time!

I was able to shoot with a lot of amazing photographers in this costume at Otakon 2010 and Katsu 2012, thank you everyone!


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Series Full Moon o Sagashite
Character Mitsuki Kouyama 'WeddingDress'
Variant ArtBook "wedding dress"


arijahn This gown is absolutely breathtaking!