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This cosplay I had to make for our Crisis Core group of AN10, but since I was extremely busy with University and the such I never managed to finish it to my liking...

The coat is mainly industrial pleather (the one that can withstand water, fire and the such), with winter coat lining (no wonder it was so freaking hot!)

The shoulder pads (which I WILL remake to my liking before wearing that cosplay again) are made of papier maché, wonderflex, hotglue, spray paint, acrylic paint, gloss, primer and sealer, along with some pleather, electric tape and heavy duty thread. ...I added paperclay to it for Otakuthon 2011, though I still want to retouch them for next time I wear it ^^;

Masamune is made out of hardwood (so it wouldn't break), some pine for the handle, and blue ito (real one) for the wrapping. Otherwise, acrylic and spray paint was used (though the chrome one didn't last, so I decided to use good old normal silver one with sealer and glossing, plus some Future Wax for floors). The lenght is around 6'2, and it is the Crisis Core version, therefore why it is smaller than let's say KH or AC version. Anyway, couldn't make it any longer because of space restriction where I made it XD

For the rest, I had some very expensive contact lenses, which almost killed my eyes the day I wore them at AN, therefore I'm not sure I'll wear them again soon ^^;

The wig is a Cosworx Amanda, with extensions added to it and some styling for the front bangs.

The boots in the older pics are another cover over my Xemnas boots, didn't have time to modify the shoes I had bought especially for that cosplay ^^; I did say it was a rushed cosplay afterall by then ^^; I now have full boot covers, hurray!


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