Drizella Tremaine




I absolutely LOVE the evil stepsisters at Disneyland, and considering how much pink will be going into Lottie, Drizzy appealed to me more so than Anastasia. (Doesn't hurt that green is my favorite color, too) She'll be heavily parks inspired, but I also plan on adding a few of my own touches here and there :)
Now that she's complete, I sooo want to make her pajamas XD

**EDIT: 4/28/12: Drizella is officially retired until further notice. I've improved ten-fold since I made this gown, and I would want to completely re-make the bodice and overskirts if I were to wear her again. Since I'd rather spend the money on new projects, we'll just chalk this amazingly fun costume up for experience points :D

[x] Hoop Skirt


[x]Bloomers: I'm not too fond of the Disneyland version of Drizzy's bloomers, so I'm using the same pair as Lottie. They look just like the movie version, so perfect! (I won't be flashing people like at Disneyland, though XD)

[x]Top Petticoat Slip: 100% complete--an aqua-blue cotton skirt trimmed with ruffled 6" lace dyed a noxious green color. ~

[x]Sleeves: lime green bridal satin with a shimmery green organza overlay and gold and green trim. I actually doubled the sleeve pattern I'm using, and further lined them with neon green cotton, and stuffed 'em full of tulle netting after gathering the seams for some insanely HUGE poofy sleeves.

[x]Bodice: 100% complete: fully lined matte aqua blue satin with a metallic gold embroidered trim along the collar. I actually opted to not add boning, and even made the princess seams further apart in order to add to the "frumpiness" of the character--drove me crazy to not take in seams, but it worked!~

[x]Top skirt: 100% complete-- aqua-blue crepe-back satin (I normally cringe at the shininess of it, but I'm going or tacky/tasteless and it's dulled a bit with the organza). The blue mirror organza overlay is trimmed with blue and metallic gold embroidered bullion that matches the bodice collar.

[x]Underskirt: 100% complete-- I ended up using 5 1/2 yards of bridal satin, alternating with chartreuse and lime green panels, and I think it turned out lovely...for Drizella, at least :3


[x]Purse: I found a gold lamé purse on sale from prom season~

[x]Neon green feather fan--ordered from ebay. Comic Con is notoriously hot and muggy, so it'll come in handy and match the dress* score!* :)

[x]Wig: found the perfect wig from the new line available from epiccosplay..which was also on sale!~

[x]Ball-gown version wig: I decided I wanted to go as ridiculously over-the-top as possible, so I'm debuting with huge turquoise and pale blue ostrich feathers, made a hair ornament for the back with metallic gold roses and pearls and an aqua-blue velveteen ribbon :)

[x]Bow: aqua-blue velveteen ribbon lined with interfacing at the bow for stiffness. This will be my default version for Drizella for when I don't feel up to the feather headdress ;)

[x]Choker: green velveteen ribbon with neon green and metallic gold trim that matches the sleeve cuffs. The back closure entails gold grommets and aqua-blue ribbon.


[x]Shoes: I'll be wearing my tan character shoes~ I think that they fit better with the color scheme than the black ones worn by the face characters, and I can use them again for Lottie~

[x]Makeup: I actually brought a picture of the Parks Version of Drizella to the MAC booth--an employee actually got excited over a Disney villain look, and showed me her take on Drizzy *yay* I ended up getting some "sunny spot" and "plumage."


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Heather.Zoe You make a beautiful cosplay ! I make Cindrella's pink dress you broke before go to the ball ! You are beautiful in this costume =) *sorry if i made mistakes, my Englais isn't very good, I am french ^^ *

Athel Your choice of make-up and facial expressions are perfect for this character! *applause*

aMURica Fantastic! I've never seen a cosplay of her before! :D

Liliana I. Love. This. XD I LOVE IT!!

carladawn sooooooooooooooo cute!