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The onix is built like a giant sleeping bag filled with balls and round objects of various sizes. Wire ties or rope crimp the cloth around the body, giving onix It's boulder-y shape. The overall length of the onix comes to about 30 feet, tail to snout. Coiled up, it may potentially be able to fit into an SUV. Lacking that, the balls making up onix's body can be deflated, and the head detached to allow for better transportation with assembly on site taking a few hours alone, or one to two with assistance. Shorter time if an air compressor is present.


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Series Pokémon
Character Onix
Variant Half scale


orihimehimex3 Ohay, I was at a photoshoot with you on Friday at Anime Boston last year. c:

paper cosplay pupet like costume are so awsome

ShadowDrac I love it so much. *_*

Merides Challenge accepted. Now to get him from texas to Anime Boston. This Onix battle must happen.

Marnum1991 I remember you! You were at AB2011 O u O Onix is amazing. One of the most awesome things I've seen. Have you been working on any other large-scale things like this?

Foxbar Omg, Love it

TortureBunni This is brilliant. It's just so creative and well-constructed.

Write Knight http://nerdcaliber.com/blogs/?p=3387 Onix on video =3

Underclass Hero Oh my god, you just made my day, seriously!

stefer23 Like a Chinese dragon? :D

Blood_Sword Lol, this is epic! XD You win.

somerset howd u wear it