So since I made all of the costumes in my group (And I am the only one with a account) I shall post this a a group! ;3


Inuyasha - Stephanie Butch
Kagome - Lyndsay Parker
Miroku - Ashley Hanvey (Me! :3)
Sango - Lindsay Scott
Shippo - Kimberly Dutton
Sesshoumaru - Jason Doran
Naraku - Matt Giley


The idea for the original group started over a year ago, sometime it June 2009, after Anime Mid Atlantic. My friend (Sango) and I decided to cosplay the couple Miroku and Sango. I was soon informed she had two other friends interested in being Inuyasha and Kagome! So for Nekocon 2009, that was all we had.

Fast forward to June-ish 2010. I meet a few new people who also want to cosplay! And so, our final group formed.

There was a lot of work to be done. I still have a few issues with the group, but I really love the overall outcome!

A major thanks goes to my mom for believing in me and helping me with the little things. I love you mom so much, and I couldn't have done it without you!

As far as fabrics and construction of the costumes, I used a basic kimono pattern for the top, a basic wide pant pattern, and broadcloth. Any questions about these costumes I will happily answer! Just comment or PM me! :3


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