Yoko Littner

Gurren Lagann



Ok! I'm working from the top down with this one.

Wig was purchased fom Ebay. I went with a base wig that has a ponytail extension clip because I'm new to wig styling and haven't tried the stubbing method. The extension goes way past my butt!

The neck scarf was also purchased on Ebay. It's authentic GL merch... I was feeling lazy and I had some birthday money.

The clip I made with Fimo, glued on hair pin, and gloss paint. It turned out being a little too heavy, but I like it.

I did sew a vinyl black and red bikini top, but it came out too small for my taste, so I'll be remaking that later.

Hairsticks are literally cheap takeout wooden chopsticks painted golden yellow!!! Haha :D

More updates will be on the way and feel free to critique me! A little motivation goes a long way.

***Update 7/19/11***
Finished bikini top with a vinyl cover bra. I'mgetting ideas and supplies ready to build the sniper rifle! Wish me luck!

I had finished the rifle prop sometimes in early September. Very light weight and very cheap. I think it's total cost in supplies was only $25 at most. It's not collapsible so it won't be going on any out of town trips with me. It was funny enough trying to fit it in my compact car!!!


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Character Yoko Littner


KitoCosplay An instant classic

prince_izumi OMG Your Yoko Rifle is so beautiful *__* Also thanks for the lovely words <e

HelloXav Wow. You look so good as Yoko! <3 I love her design, and you actually suit this character so much _^_

Misarylane Can't wait to see more :3

LaurenMWills Kawaiiiii!!!!! <3