Aerith Gainsborough

Final Fantasy VII



Kinda decided this on a whim when I found a really cheap wig on ebay ($13 free shipping. wat) and it was SUPER nice quality... dark brown with a little bit of a wave in the fibres. When it came in the mail, i was certain that Aerith is who I wanted to use it for.

I've always liked Aerith in Advent Children (the little bit she was in it) and I've finally started to play FF7 for the first time, and really enjoying it. Kinda late to start playing, i know 13 years late... but my boyfriend is a huuge FF7 fan and got me started playing it recently. <3 for you.

-Wig- bought off of eBay ($13 kanekalon, free shipping FTW). Originally all one length except for the bangs, light wave and curl out of the bag, Dark brown in colour. I styled the bangs into the wig with some minor cutting, and LOTS of teasing and hairspray to give them their "gravity defying" shape.

Very lucky Valu Village find. It was originally a children's jumper/dress thing, but I cut off the bottom and only used the top portion to create a small jacket. Remnants from what I cut off of the bottom used to lengthen the sleeves. It was also hand dyed from hot pink to red.

Made from scratch, drafted my own pattern. It is made out of a semi-stretchy light pink poly blend fabric with darker pink bias tape as the trim. White buttons were sewn on for function and fashion! :)

Are my "Warmbat" boots, which are similar to Uggs. Small details such as buckles and straps were added to make them more accurate to her hiking boots that she wears in the series.

Will be made for the next convention. Not enough time to make it for DTAC. :) So instead I'll have REAL flowers to give out.

Will be debuted at DTAC in Toronto on December 12


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Series Final Fantasy VII
Character Aerith Gainsborough
Variant Advent Children


bluestbunnie WOW you look beautiful!!

Melchiah Very nice. Wish I was in Canada so I could get a pic with your Aeris and my Cid. ^_^

anime_wench Loving this costume, and I love the way it all fell together for you.. you make it look amazing! ^_^

soraKHdemyx woah! amazing! seeing such a good final fantasy cosplay just makes me want to finish my yuffie cosplay that much sooner!

bossbot Aeriiiiiith! :) I'm excited to see you finish this!!

jukebox omfg you are such a gorgeous Aeris. *____* I'm in awe, the wig is awesome! This is already inspiring me to get Tifa done.