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Maleficent is such a boss. This started out as one of those costumes I was initially excited about, then as it went on, I was kinda "Meh :\" about until I finished making it and then HOLY SHATNER-I LOVE WEARING THIS.

I'd have to say the most difficult part was drafting a pattern for this (And I've said it before, and I'll say it again, animators draw clothing that is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to wear!), as each scene with Maleficent has a different way her cloak hangs, and I knew that it somehow had to have a zipper in the front, and some huge-ass sleeves on it, and basically ran from there.

This costume is pretty hot in summer weather. Not as horrible as my Austrian Succession France outfi, but quite up there on the "Do not wear in summer" costumes. It's fully lined (which I am exceedingly proud of) with a purple broadcloth, mostly because I wanted a light fabric for lining, and because this costume required 10 solid meters of fabric to complete.

The outer fabric is a very thick, and durable satin type material, that I can relate to prom-dress fabric I suppose? I managed to snag the whole of it for buy one meter, get 3 free, and I'm glad I did, because the ruff around her neck didn't need any interfacing with it.

I really need to fix this up in the front, because due to some idiocy on my part, the front zipper wouldn't sew through 4 layers of fabric and had to be temporarily glued into the costume.

-I'll take this moment to say that I am swearing off hotglue on fabric forever more. Never again!

That being said, definitely my favourite costume to wear, even if it weights about 7-8 pounds, along with a wedding crinoline and a hoop skirt underneith, which I borrowed from a friend. The amount of kids who ran up to me looking for a picture with Maleficent was astounding! Not to mention to older fans who loved it.

But there's just something about costumes that cover all my skin that I will never grow tired of <3

Ps: I'd like to mention, that being the 5'2 small girl that I am, I had a lovely time towering over everone in my 6 inch heeled boots in this. Which, despite the height, were actually a lot more comfortable than my 4 1/2 inch heel boots :D

Also, I now have the staff! Next time I rewear this I will feel like a badass mofo


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stvnixrcks Thank you for your response. You are one fantasically talented person to hand create this pattern!!! A+++!!!!

stvnixrcks This costume is absolutely PHENOMINAL!!!!!!!!! May I ask what sewing pattern you used? I'm dying to be Maleficent for Halloween next year. Thank you!!!

WARPAINTandUnicorns I think you snuck in a photo of me amounst the mob. ^_^ Perfect Maleficent.

Kacela This is really awesome. Very well made and I adore the sleeves and the make-up ^^