Flandre Scarlet

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My friend and I wanted to make more complicated costumes this year for Anime North to get a better chance at winning an award at the masquerade. She found a picture of Remilia and Flandre Scarlet after we went to a Touhou panel at Youmacon 2010 and we chose to make them because of the complicated wings and cute outfits :)

I did all the sewing and she made the wings. Learned a lot of new things making these costumes. Such as making a proper button hole and using bias tape to help with a hem. Flandre has a lot of layers so it took longer than I expected. I had a basic pattern for the under dress but I had to make the collar higher on the pattern. I made the pattern for the sleeves from scratch as well as the over top and neck tie.

I used fraying glue in order to weave the ribbon through the hat as well. Even wore red contacts and fang teeth.


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Character Flandre Scarlet


pinoycosplay Your Flandre deserves some love. Very accurate outift and poses. Great job all around. :-)