Red Pikmin




This is my first time making a mascot costume. I decided to join Negativedreamer and Silvver in their Pikmin group as the Red Pikmin. Tranquility and I chose the red and blue Pikmin because they are similar in body shape, and we would be working together on our costumes.

The main body of the Pikmin is made of 1/2 inch foam and is supported by a plastic tubing inner structure. The outside is covered in red fleece fabric. Silvver made up the patterns for these suits, and we all copied hers and modified them to fit ourselves. Tranquility sewed the green leaf for both her Blue and my Red Pikmin since ours needed to be exact matches. The eyeballs were plastic domes that were sewn into the head and covered with a white buckram backing so we could see. It was a very challenging and interesting experience making and wearing a mascot costume for the first time!


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