One of the projects was Enchanted because the movie is appealing: the story, Giselle, the dress and normally there was going to be a prince Edward along my side. But due to his busy schedule it became a solo project. Giselle’s wedding gown and her lovely, typical manners were also interesting challenges. Mimicking Giselle is much easier than originally imagined. It took a while to do my research: getting information from the web, watching the movie several times, finding the matching fabrics and materials.

Cost: twice more expensive than thought.
//Added later// definitely + 250 euro
Time: fully completed (everything summed up) 3 months.
Details: approx. 120 meters of tulle (bridal, normal and glitter bridal), 46M meters organza (crystal and normal), 4 meters of organza with small crystals on it , 8 meters of bridal silk satin and different paint, pearls, stones,  sequins... for the details.

For starters, aside of the bought the official Disney store exclusive crown, my jewelry set was made by different combined/made jewelery pieces to look like the original. The wig color was not an easy find. Curls, organza ribbon, flowers were put in the wig to style the haircut based on a scene when she meets an old, homeless man (before stealing her crown). As you watch the movie, you will notice different hairstyles and different gowns. On the internet they do refer to 4 different versions so I took the exhibition photos and the official photos as references. One thing that remains the same were her gloves, the easiest part of this costume. The gloves were made by me based on my own taken measurements and a try-out. Then Victorian underpants and underskirts came. The underpants was quite easy with a Victorian pattern. 18 tulle underskirts were made and in total (including a previous made frost fairy hoop skirt) 20. The 20th skirt was made from satin with bias cut swirls in different fabrics. Three different fabric swirls created one big, in total 47 big swirls. At the center back only tulle and organza were used. The center front got more shiny fabrics. To make the organza less frizzy, it received clear nail polish at the end and hairspray. Thus the swirls were also stiffer. This work was repetitive but the bodice was the most difficult part. A steampunk corset pattern was taken as a base but heavy altered. A real bra was used hidden in the corset as a base and side parts were made higher for the sleeves. The sleeves are made from 2 layers crystal organza combined with the small crystal stone organza. To end the bodice was painted; Swarovski Crystal AB bicons pearls and sequins were added. (The flower between the bra cups is actually an orchid - based on the petals) Later the bridal satin skirt received also paint, pearl and sequins.

The white Victorian boots were ordered (then canceled due to the seller), re-ordered but they did not arrive on time so I ended up using last-minute my wedding shoes. (that is also the reason why the swirl skirt is still quite long! :p ) But used them when they were finally delivered.

First "try-out" was done Sunday at FACTS 2012 and the final version at Japan Expo Belgium!


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