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I wanted to cosplay Maylene back when the first anime started airing, but then ended up not doing it. I ended up catching up on the manga when the second anime began. I like the manga much more than the anime, so I opted to make the dress black instead of navy blue.

I originally started on this costume for Fanime 2011, but plans got pushed back to Anime Expo 2011. I very slowly made the dress, and then crapped out the apron in a day and a half. The dress is made from black suiting, and the apron and bonnet thingie is cotton. The white on the dress is made of a slightly higher grade of cotton. This was my first time doing proper gathered ruffles, weeeee~ Glasses are my own, as they are pretty much coke bottle glasses (i.e. I am very blind - although I am near sighted, not far sighted).

For the wig, I just fluffed the pigtail clips out a bit. People say that Ayanamisatoru wigs run small, and they are smaller than Epic Cosplay, but it still fits all of my waist length hair up it in.


@Mirai Noah
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Series Kuroshitsuji
Character Maylene
Variant Maid - Manga


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