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[Edited] They cancelled the production of MML3 which has put a huge damper on finishing both Aero and Barrett for now, if not entirely. We just hope to see the prototype to come out at least. It was fun while it lasted. :(

Just like the game, this is a prototype costume! It took maybe a month to make, as it was in a huge rush since I didn't see Barrett announcement image a month or so before A-kon and had been working on Teisel and Tron before then.

For having a rough day, and small cab, we weren't in these costumes long.. plus some damage, but that's okay! Hence prototype! Our costumes have been pushed by just like the bloody game. :p I'm amazed for the sort time we were in these how many times we were recognized. Photoshoot for them both coming up soon!


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score Your Areo I the coolest! Have you guys joined the FB movement? Are you staying updated in the revival? Go to for everything you need! Our YouTube channel is bringbackmml3