Tifa Lockheart

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children



This was the first costume were I used the sewer machine...it was a real challenge, and the fabric isn't leather, as it should.. it is a simple strech black fabric I have around in my house.

the vest was made by hand, it doesn't look as I wanted, it turn out weird, i cudln't believe, because I already made Meiling vest,and Meiling's looked so great...

the next part of the costume is the rare thing hanging on the back, for this I was run of time, and desperate.... so the day before the event, my mom gave me a quick tutorial 'bout how to use the machine,jajjaa xD so I did it...
the entire costume I didn't like how it looked... but I really was comfor to wear... and it as used for a small event...SO I really don't care about.... maybe the next time I wearthat costume I make it better.


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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Tifa Lockheart


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