Captain America

Marvel Comics



Design Process:
I wanted to make a female version of Cap that just didn't rely on being "sexed-up" to make it feminine. I looked a lot at other Marvel female designs (Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk were my biggest influences) and also looked at American Dream (who really is the female version of Cap) to create my own. I admit I really like the the red & white stripe corset thing that American Dream had going so I did pull the deign aspect from that. I chose to do the collared sleeveless unitard with the single star emblem with high gloves (like Ms. Marvel) instead of full sleeves. Plus I didn't want to be OMG hot in this either! I already had the red combat boots from another costume, and they felt like a perfect fit to this project. I chose to do thigh highs only because when I tried the boots on solo, it looked too odd having that much bare thigh. I also chose not to do a mask because A.) Cap's mask design is really god awful. B.) I really didn't want to wear a mask. C.) And then I felt the army helmet with the large "A" is cute, but very over done. So my solution with was victory rolls, which was a nod to Cap's origin era, with little wing hair pins.

Unitard is spandex with white star stitch directly on top. The corset is made of white and red metallic spandex, lined with satin and lightly boned for shape. Gloves are also metallic spandex and were made the quick and dirty way. Boots, socks, and ammo belt I already owned. Shield was purchased off of Amazon.


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Series Marvel Comics
Character Captain America
Variant Female / Rule 63


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