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I used two patterns: Butterick 6582 and 5748. I liked the darts on the former and the neckline on the latter, so I spliced the bodice patterns together. The skirt is a two-circle skirt gathered on the waist. Initially I had trouble with the waist of the dress making me feel larger than I actually am, but I dropped the waist by about two inches and it fixed that problem entirely. The skirt has a super narrow hem. I folded it up once and measured all the way around to make sure I had the same length, sewed, and trimmed the excess down to about 1/32" away from the stitching. I folded it up once more and did a 1/8" hem to finish it off. It really made a lovely difference, and I didn't have any of the traditional bunching or gathering issues I usually face when I hem circle skirts. The entire bodice is lined. It made me feel clever, so I lined the red part with red lining and the black part with black lining. I folded it under and tacked it in place on the seam allowance of the skirt and bodice so that no raw edges would be hanging in that area. I didn't line the skirt because I felt like it was too much material to do a lining for. There are three diamonds on the front and three on the back; I ran a long hand running stitch around the edges once I placed them, then did a very small, tight zig-zag around the edges. It looks really beautiful and I'm so proud of it. xD

Other details: I made three petticoats and a slip to wear underneath the dress. Oh my goodness petticoats are ridiculous @[email protected];; It's just so tedious to make them...very glad I did, but it was tough! The collar is white silk with a hand rolled hem. The gloves are vintage 1950's white kid leather, but my grandmother gave me a pair of my great-grandmother's wrist length gloves that I will likely wear next time instead.


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Series Batman
Character Harley Quinn
Variant 1950's Original Design


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