USO Girl

Captain America: The First Avenger

evilyaoifangirl and I decided to make the USO outfits from the Captain America movie for Halloween and some conventions. It took about a month and half of meeting up once or twice a week to finish.

The hats were made out of blue dull satin with a layer of peltex between the outer layer and the lining and silver dull satin star applique.

The bodices of the dresses were made of blue dull satin as well with a dull satin lining. The lapels were also made of blue dull satin and were just stitched in place. The star appliques on the lapels were store bought. The skirts were made out of white and red dull satin trapezoids that were sewn together and pleated. The cummerbunds were made out of red dull satin with interfacing and boning stitched into the lining. The belts were purchased, but we added silver spray paint for the lines that the belts are supposed to have.

The gloves were purchased then cut and stitched to the proper height.

The petticoats were made of tulle and a lightweight cotton that was serged in red.

The shoes were bought, but we did add foam to the backs to keep our feet pushed forward.
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Series Captain America: The First Avenger
Character USO Girl

cavtrooper63 nice would make Capt proud!