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I wasn't sure if I should put this as a seperate costume because it looks so similar to his Hunter exam outfit. But all the clothes are actually different ones than what I used for that version, only the wig is the same, so I guess it kinda counts as a new outfit. XD;

I tried going for the outfit Killua wears in episode 11 of the the Greed Island Final OVA, during the battle with Gensuru's group. It was totally unplanned though, I came up with this the idea of cosplaying this specific version 2 days before the convention. ^^;

I was just going to do the 2011 version at first, but then it suddenly got very cold and I didn't wanna have to wear shorts with that kind of weather. This is the only one of Killua's outfits with long pants that I happened to have on hand, I already bought the shirts and pants months earlier, just because I thought they looked cool. XD;
I was also going to be with an Illumi at first, but they cancelled on me 2 days before the con, so being by myself now, I could do whatever version I wanted without having to fit in with a certain arc or group. So that solidified my choice. ^^

Because it was on such a short notice, the yoyo was kinda improvised. I used an old one I already had (That's why the colour is kinda off, and I only had one instead of two u.u ) and drew the star symbol on the sides with markers. ^^; I attached it to my arm by making a band out of a piece of leftover cloth, and tying the string of the yoyo to that.

The bandages were also something I just happened to have lying around. ^^;

A few years later, I put togetheranother Greed Island version based on the 2011 anime, where he wears blue shorts with a white stripe.


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AyySL Very nice! I love how you chose to do Greed Island. The yoyo is so awesome. I myself am going to do a Killua cosplay, but from his outfit while they learn Nen from Wing (san :P)