Radiata Stories



Interlude from Radiata Stories during AFO 2012. Our group ended up winning Best Advance! I really loved every member of the Void Community, and Interlude was the creepiest, and just look different than anything I have made before, so I just had to make this.

I really loved Radiata Stories as a Game, its fun with a storyline that does not get in the way. You should give it a play if you haven't already.

Mask is made from casted latex with leather strapping.Claws are entirely made from vegetable tanned leather and were a pain to make.


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Series Radiata Stories
Character Interlude


DarthPanda This costume is made of pure awesome!

Thearah HOW AWESOME IS THIS?! I always love the cosplays you do, and you always pick games that no one cosplays from! All my love for this! It looks so good!