Fuji Syuusuke

The Prince of Tennis



Two friends would be cosplaying Koharu and Yuuji from Shitenhouji and doing "Isshin Doutai" from Dream live 6th as a cosplay act. They asked for some backup dancers for the disco part, but there was no time for me to make a Shitenhouji costume before the con. So Mimi91chan and I quickly put together a disco-fied version of our Seigaku costumes, in order to fit in with the cosplay act.

This is actually somewhat an original one, since we based it on Eiji's outfit during Juuden Kanryou in Dream Live 5th, and added the Kira Kira mittens from 'On My Way'. Fuji doesn't actually wear this during the Dream Live, but I think it'd suit him well. XD;


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Series The Prince of Tennis
Character Fuji Syuusuke


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