Karkat Vantas




So. Let me tell you about Homestuck.

Actually, I'd rather not dive into that xD

So I wanted to cosplay a troll and naturally, I sorta fell for the grumpy character... yet again.

The pants are just some normal pants I have, I wore black shoes. I happened to have a long-sleeved black shirt, and I hand-painted the design on without a stencil. I tend to eyeball things, so... yeah ^^;;

I made the horns out of Model Magic and attached them to a headband.

I think the ONLY hard part about this was the make-up getting EVERYWHERE. Thanks to just a slight bit of a rush, make-up got ALL over the collar of my shirt. I guess it was bound to happen. Everyone else at the con I took this to had the exact same problem xD

But it was still fun. People actually really liked my Karkat and when I changed out of it, they said "but we miss you saying 'fuck' every five minutes!"

Good times are had with this cosplay :3

I still wanna make the sickle later. Or a bunch of them. I felt so bad not having my sickle done.


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Series Homestuck
Character Karkat Vantas
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