Persona 3

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So, since I was looking for a simple cosplay to put together in a week to replace a cosplay I was thinking about things that were simple. I came to Persona and then I stumbled upon the main female character from Persona Portable. No clue what her default name is. I've only played Persona 3 but I think I'm gonna pick up Persona Portable.

Any hoo, I picked up a blazer and skirt from goodwill, and I found a pretty closely accurate pair of shoes. I plan on picking up the rest of the stuff I need next week before Natsucon but it should all be done. I gotta hem the skirt I got, couldn't find any thing in my size in the right length and fabric type so I had to go with a long one that's easily hemmed. Gotta get a white blouse, going to get fabric and fabric paint to make the SEES armband and the little patch for the blazer. Get a toy gun and paint it. Etc, etc.
@Kawaii Pocky
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