Rinoa Heartilly

Final Fantasy VIII



Wig - Couldn't find one before the con, so the the one in the photos from AN was just a stand in. I have a new one which is in the costume icon. It still needs weft though.

Necklace - BS'd it for the con.

Duster + Armwarmers - Bought blue ribknit last year for making this costume someday. I ended up dying the knit fabric to give a slightly more saturated colour. The bias tape was dyed several times to match better with the knit. I even had to use up some of my blue markers to do so, haha.

Skirt - Made from scratch out of random broadcloth that I had around. At the time I figured I was going for the bandai action figure look. LOL

Tank + Shorts - Bought from thrift store. I added in zippers to the shorts myself.

Boots - Another thrifst store find. I just added 'buckles' to the front.

Prop - The best part of the entire costume for sure. It's made entirely from found objects in my house and cardboard. For more details just go to the photo of the prop sitting on a pillar~


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