Blind Mag

Repo! The Genetic Opera



My first real cosplay attempt. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, but I was pretty satisfied with the final product.

The wig was bought online and then styled with the curls and "bump".

The headband was made from the same piece as the choker glued to a headband for shape and stability.

The corset is pleather with rows of hand-stiched hackle feathers strung at the top and bottom to give the alternating red/black ratio. I had to settle for hackles as I couldn't find coque feathers but I was happier with them than craft feathers. The feathers were strung in sections of 6-7 inches using a beading needle and heavy thread through the quill. Each section was the layered next to one another on bias tape (to prevent the quill's from scratching me) then attached to the corset.

The train is made from a yard of light weight black tulle, gathered into a pick up about 1/3 of the way down and attached to the corset through a series of loops that the ties of the corset went through.

The contacts are "Angelic Blue"and were bought online. (I'm limited in my contact choice as I'm pretty blind.)

Then just tights and boots to finish the look.


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Series Repo! The Genetic Opera
Character Blind Mag
Variant Chromaggia


starchip13 the costume looks lovely! Just out of curiosity, about how many feathers would you say you used?

Animedrawngirl Great Job. I just wish you had contacts to complete the look.

EgnirysFaye You did a wonderful job!