Pinkie Pie

My Little Pony



Oh what hasn't been said about My Little Pony: Friendship is magic..I love it! Ahem... On to the costume.

Everything has been done by yours truly except the wig (I know, a shocker.) the shoes and the socks. I even did the piping! It was my first seriously thought cosplay.

As for the concept, I always saw Pinkie as a bee-bop waitress. I like the idea of her working for the Sugarcube corner (hence the apron and hat being her uniform). I painted the cupcake logo and created the letters based on a certain cola... ;)

The lovely Rainbow Dash is my dear friend. Woohoo! :D

I love this cosplay and look forward to wear it with a darker, pinkier wig. Damn you shipping delays!!!

Most of the pictures were taken by Doc. B. Go see his stuff he is amazing!


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capristar2213 Im cosplaying as Pinkie Pie too! Where did you get the wig and how much was it? I got mine from Hot Topic (its a Nicki Minaj wig) and attempted to curl it....but yeah, I need something better.