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You could almost call this a closet cosplay even though I made the shirt. Its one 'a my lower budget cosplays kinda like the GX stuff :o I always loved Jounouchi and even though I made the shirt for the fun of it I figured well hey I might as well cosplay him while I'm at it.

Now of course the only thing I need ta look into is shoes but who ever gets there hands on the exact shoes they need anyway <,< &gt;,&gt; Meh so I just remembered that I needed the necklace too. but since I did this cosplay to take a video for youtube I figured I'd throw some pics I took on the webcam up. I'll be able to get REAL pics another time. Hopefully the next time I run into a Yu-Gi-Oh group <,<

edits 3/23/12:
I'm using some 'a the remainder clay from the large pendant necklace thing I made for my Larsa cosplay to make the small little trinket pendant for Jounouchi. I will also be using the remainder suede lace from my Larsa cosplay for the string. Pretty effective recycling wouldn't you say?

Also I've decided that for the shoes I'm just gonna wear my super high top vans. That seems simple enough. Hopefully noone will notice that the bottoms are light pink o_o Oh well Jounouchi is a manly man so he can rock pink and so can his cosplayers AUAHUAHAUHAUAHUA !!!


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