Star Trek Enterprise



I patterned the jumpsuit and ordered the exact same fuchsia stretch velvet that was used for the official costume. All vertical piping had to be hand-sewed on.

The boots were originally black which I stripped the paint and then airbrushed. The belt was originally some thick ribbon from Fabricland that I doubled up and then also airbrushed to match my fabric.

Phaser and communicator are made by Art Asylum toys and have light & sound effects.

I DID shave off two thirds of my eyebrows for this, and drew in the vulcan brow... XD;

The vulcan ears were purchased from Aradani Studios (in painted colour medium)

Thanks very much to Glay who helped me fit this and get me in and out.


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Series Star Trek Enterprise
Character T'Pol
Variant Season 3


E1L0n3wy Wooooooow!! You look JUUUUST LIKE HER!! 8D I am impressed!!

ScribblesOM Nice job!

particleman Wow your costume is spot on. Really well done! I've been trying to get my friends to watch Enterprise but they just won't have any of it.

NeRoh Wow, that's great!

knightilus nicely done

brentz3 Gorgeous! Great costume and you look perfect!

Queen Anime 99 I don't even watch Star Trek and I was able to recognize your character. Fantastic cosplay. :D

chakotay Great costume miss from one of the my favorites sci fi show, and by the way, my first cosplay was and enterprise Suit. Greetings form venezuela

Ohako Like they said... Really cool.

ralphraymond This is AMAZING ... you are truly gifted.

ASphotographyca Best T'Pol ever :)

Kyleia That is so amazing! You did a great job!

Man_of_Film MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING!!! Great job

hannie3000 WOW! You look almost exactly like her o___o Amazing job on the costume!!

Zorb Nice... didn't even know it was you on the showcase. You look just like her.

Chibi_Mony omg nikki! Congrats on the showcase :D I honestly LOVE this outfit, it's one of my favs from you!! You look stunning in it!

Diagnosed Congrats on the Showcase!!! Well Done!

uplaw Wow wow wowo this is an amazing costume, you make a perfect T-Pol! It's so great to see someone cosplaying Enterprise!

Koria you are amazing!!!!

KairiGalaga One word can describe this..........AMAZING!!!!