Angel Lily

Wedding Peach



yes.. wedding peach.. lol

a friend of mine came up with the idea about 3 o' clock in the morning, we were all tired as hell and everything was so funny and well...
we wanted something really stupid but with a lot of sparkle and maybe a touch of retro. so what could fit better than WEDDING PEACH?! XD

in the end this just-for-fun-costume was a bunch of work -.- and it was so god damn expensive XD
I worked the first time with Worblas' finest art. great material! but needs some practice...
the second difficulty were the body and the skirt. the chracters in the series have such crazy proportions... my skirt seems really long on the pics, although you nearly can see under it >_>
in the end I'm quite satisfied with the costume... but I have to think about the shoulder armor again... it was too heavy for my thin strings and the parts were falling off after a while. But I'm sure that I can manage that until next time ;D

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