Anarchy Panty

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt



Panty has such a simple costume (or so I thought...) and she's just kind fun, although really the complete opposite of me. The first dress I have ever made in my life and I chose satin for it, which was a pain to sew. The dress ended up a little big around the middle and the only pattern I could find that matched closest had pleats in the skirt.

Nebraskon also has a swimsuit competition, so I figured it'd be fun to try to put together her swimsuit from the beach episode. However, Nebraskon is in November, so finding a pink swimsuit was difficult. Found the pieces at Goodwill (the colors don't quite match...) and took apart a necklace I bought at another thrift store to make the bracelet.

Redid the dress with a much more accurate pattern in knit and borrowed a much better wig from a friend. Much happier with the newest version, plus I can wear the dress and heels whenever I want!


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