Trainer Wes

Pokemon Colosseum

When I was around 12 years old my parents let me buy my first gaming console. I choose the GameCube.

As a 12-year old, I had not much money, so for many years I only owned 2 GameCube games: Pokémon Colosseum and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Both of them I could play for hours in a row and enjoyed very much! It is a part of my early teens I love looking back on. :)

I also always enjoyed how Wes looked, but was very afraid of cosplaying him, mainly because of the make-up (had to make a darker skin colour and white face paint).

Now, after almost 6 years of cosplaying, I thought I was finally good enough to try and cosplay Wes.

I really like how it turned out and I hope other people like it too! \^o^/

Fun fact: I'm quite a short person with a small frame. With this costume I got quite some comments that I look taller (it's the shoes xD) and have a more manly frame (it's the padding in the clothing!). It's great how you can change your appereance with clothing and that's one of the reasons I like cosplaying so much! :)
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Series Pokemon Colosseum
Character Trainer Wes

Maakie @ Gemelli Thank youuuu *A* I'm also very happy with how I do the make-up for Wes now, it took me so much testing and trying to make it look good! xD I made a tutorial about the make-up, if you're interested by the way! --->

Gemelli Your Trainer Wes cosplay looks great! :D Well done. ^^ I really like how you've done the skin tone and the make-up, and that wig looks amazing!

Maakie Thank you for the very nice comment ~H~! I love Wes as a character so much so I really like to hear that you think I did it right, haha! :D

~H~ Wonderful work! Everything about this looks slick and professional. You are the best Wes I've ever seen ^_^. Way to do the character justice!

Maakie Thank you for the very nice comment, JediofTime! ^-^

Gamedraco Cosplay You did this character great justice Maakie. Just incredibly well done with a lot of love and passion put into it.

Maakie Hey ShadowCharizard! Wes-high-five! :D Wes is such an awesome character and Pokémon Colosseum my favorite Pokémon-game! So I just had to cosplay him! >w< It took me quite some years before I had enough (make-up skill-)confidence to do it, though! As for other Wes-cosplayers, I have only seen one other and I can't pictures of her anymore...I think I saw them on Tumblr and not a cosplay-site, And thank you, I'm happy it got you so excited because I'm also excited about this cosplay! >w< Newer and better pictures are coming up soon! ~Maakie

ShadowCharizard FINALLY, another Wes! I'm so glad to see that he hasn't been forgotten! It's fantastic to see at least ONE other person who loves him enough to cosplay. It looks incredible, too, especially that wig. I need to find some time to make a new one myself... Anyway, I just got really excited and wanted to share my joy.

Maakie Hey Sheila! Hehe, I'm trying my best! ^-^ Finding a good location is sure hard, since I'm trying to find some futuristic looking buildings to fit well with Wes. I first wanted to go to the World Trade Center Amsterdam, but they didn't give approval for photographing. Now I'm looking more into the city of Rotterdam, especially the southern part of the city has very futuristic looking buildings, but have to find approval everywhere again...urghhh. So it's a slow process. xD I really also want pictures inside, in shiny hallways! *.* I'm quite new to, but I thought that if you press the "follow"-button on my account, then you get emails or updates on your account if I upload new pictures, in case you want to follow me for updates on Wes! d^-^b ~Maakie p.s. Oh, almost forgot to say. From my last convention (2 months ago lol) I'm still waiting for a few pictures and I recently spoke to the photographer and he promised me that he will send them soon! >w< So maybe there will be more pictures uploaded to my account even before I do the "big" photoshoot! :3

~Sheila~ You're welcome Maakie, I really love your costume and I'm waiting for your next photoshoot then x) I'm sure that it will be wonderful *o*

Maakie Hello Sheila! Thank you for your nice comment on my costume! ^^ Wes being cosplayed by almost no-one was really an extra motivation for me to finally cosplay him! ^^ It took me very long before I was comfortable enough to try all the make-up! xD But I'm really glad you appreciate it so much! Really funny to hear how someone played almost the same games as I did when I was younger! :D And thanks again! >w< I'm going to do a photoshoot with this costume within a few months (having quite a hard time getting the right location). So expect more and better pictures hopefully soon! ^^ ~Maakie

~Sheila~ OMG !! I never though I'll see one day someone who cosplayed Wes ! I really love this game (I bought it when I was young too, and the Gamecube was also my first home console but my first game was Tales of Symphonia and is the best for me but still Pokemon Colosseum and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle are very good games, I love them =D) You're cosplay is really well done, I don't find the words to express how I reacted when I saw it, I really love this character since I was very young ! =D Well, it's perfect

Maakie Hello Arceus! Thank you for your nice comment! I also love Wes as an character and I hope I receive some more pictures soon from photographers, so I can show more details of the costume! I also see Pokémon Colosseum as the best home console Pokémon game, I have played it soooo much when I was around 13/14 years old. :) I have very good memories from it! I would love to get another Colosseum/XD-like game, but unfortunately the only thing Nintendo gave us after that was Battle Revolution... ~Maakie

arceus4445 I am huge fan of Pokemon colosseum , in my opinion it was one of the best Pokemon home console games ever. Many fans agree. What I find odd is that no one ever cosplays Wes from Colosseum often. Seeing you do this is very special. Wes is a very badass character. The most badass character in all of pokemon You really did your homework and pulled it off spectacularly. Keep it up =) ps , Nintendo should do a Pokemon Colosseum xd like game for a home console. =)