Mad Moxxi




SO THIS WAS A BEAST OF A COSTUME TO MAKE OH MAN. I'll type out construction details eventually but... it was intense.

I started almost a year ago.... gathering materials and figuring out how to go about attacking this costume. She's been on my list for so long but I finally realized that I needed to tackle this project.

I originally bought red striped fabric that was uniform and really nice... but it will end up being used to cover a chair or something because I wanted to paint on the stripes to make them hella accurate.
SO I found a really nice subtle floral patterned red suiting material and painted away! (If you look closely enough on the model her jacket is floral MWAHAHAHA ACCURACY)
In all seriousness though I really did study her outfit in extreme detail trying to get it as accurate as possible.
I hope I succeeded :D

Oh and I did do a photoshoot with Alucardleashed (on flickr/DA) and I'm really excited to see the photos!
I'll post pics as they come!


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Last Updated 6 years ago
Created 7 years ago
Series Borderlands
Character Mad Moxxi
Variant (Red) Borderlands 1


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