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I really like Pascal, and although she's not quite my personality, I still wanted to cosplay her.
I bought the wig as just a white styled wig. I bought this Jumbo Sharpie (Sharpie Paint) and just went at the ends with it. (Of course being careful to pin the hair that I didn't want red back.) I added white wefts to make longer "sideburns'" and painted colored those red. I ended up cuting it a little shorter in the back too. Her shoes I bought. I bought a blue shirt and added white to the sleeves. The first shirt I bought was a tad too dark so I had (what I thought) this brilliant Idea to lighted the shirt. RIT dye has this solution that you use the same way you use their dye. It's suppose to lighten the fabric so you can dye it another color..... well when I put my blue shirt in... it turned light GREEN...WRONG.
The first pair of shorts I cut out looked like they were going to be too small (because I used cotton) So I bought some nice stretch fabric...sewed it all together... well now the shorts are too big 0__0 with some taking in they worked. I made all the little pockets for the suspenders. The triangle piece in the back for the suspenders is a wire hanger shaped into a triangle with fimo clay baked over it. The blue beads (big and small) are epoxy resin I added blue dye to. These were glued on to buttons I sprayed silver (i sewed them on the the pockets first, then glued) For the really big blue circles, I had to make my own giant button, since I couldnt find one big enough. The gloves are cut from a glove pattern. They are green stretch fabric.... everything else is mostly cotton lol


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