Fatal Frame



This is the favorite of my costumes. I absolutely love Fatal Frame, and I decided to make the Blinded woman because SHE WAS SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS. If I heard "my eyes... my eyes!" one more time I was going to go insane! So I took out that rage on making a costume.

I feel this is my best constructed work to date. I used a period accurate kimono pattern, hand painted all the flowers, dyed the linen, and then roughed it up. That was probably the most fun part! My makeup is Ben Nye water based with a white powder on top, and I made my own blood with a mixture of food coloring and corn syrup. However, I think I'm going to buy some next time because this was very sticky and uncomfortable.


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Series Fatal Frame
Character Blinded


Rogue-dono THIS IS SO CREEPY AND FANTASTIC!!! I admire this!